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Math Workbook Flavors
Math workbooks come in three basic types...Repetitive, Variety, and Diverse.
We normally think of "drill and practice" repetitive workbooks that have a series of problems of similar types. They are quite popular.

A variation to this workbook has a series of similar problems, but presented in a variety of ways, such as solving a puzzle, or making a picture.

The third type of workbook presents problems that draw upon a diverse set of skills such as graphing, distance-time relationships, or measurements. These workbooks, and other math material are discussed in the math section at the left.

Remember that the more ways a child thinks about a subject, the better the material becomes part of his or her long term memory.

What a Concept !!!

Most board games are win/lose... each player competes for the winning position.

Cooperative games require us to work together to attain an object such as helping little creatures find a safe way home, climbing a mountain, rescuing a princess, or finding a spacecraft that crashed on an island.

Children as young as 4, as well as adults, must reason together, consult, discuss options and share equipment and strategies.

These games not only teach the need for cooperation, but they are perfect for family fun, as well as parties.

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